AP automation software: the most comprehensive list (2021)

If you are looking for AP automation software, this is the place to be. We have created a very comprehensive list of AP automation software solutions so that your selection process will be a breeze.

And while we obviously gave ourselves a nice spot on the list, we also included all the other AP automation tools we could find, with the information we could find about their features, pricing and opportunities to try the platform.

Take a leisurely look through the list of AP automation tools and find out which one is best for you.

Do you have a construction company? Then we dare to say that our software (Listo) is the best solution for you, because our software is developed specifically for you. Are you active in a completely different market? Then chances are that another solution from the list is best suited for your situation.

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices listed here may be subject to change. We do our best to maintain up-to-date information; however, if you notice any discrepancies, do not hesitate to contact us. 

How do I select the best AP automation software for my business?

We get this question a lot and here is a comprehensive step by step guide.

  1. Create a shortlist based on functionality and industry match using the list below
  2. Start a trial to see it for yourself. They don’t offer a trial? Is that because they are too hard to use? Too expensive?
  3. Check the pricing. Is it compatible with your budget. They don’t list pricing? If you love talking to sales that may be great but if you want to see if it fits your budget first perhaps you should skip them. Is the pricing model compatible with yours? Some products charge per user some charge per transaction, the latter could be cost prohibitive if you have large numbers of invoices.
  4. Talk to the company. How is it talking to them, are they easy to approach? Responsive? This will give you a taste of how the support is going to be once you are a client
  5. Contract term. Can you start with a month to month option so you can quit if it doesn’t work out well?
  6. Integrations. Does the product integrate with your accounting system?
  7. Invoice recognition. How well and how quick does the AP software you are evaluating convert the invoice to text that you can use in your accounting system? Is it automated or a manual process? How accurate is it?
  8. Authorization workflows. Do you need multiple people to authorize invoices before you pay them?

Well, let’s get started. 🚀


Let’s be honest; we like to give ourselves a nice spot in this list. But that’s not to say that Listo is the best AP automation software for everyone. Listo is designed specifically for construction companies. Do you have a construction company and want to better organize and automate your accounts payable? With the built-in lien waivers feature, you’ll understand why construction companies love to choose us.

Listo has a free trial and pricing starts at $40 per month. You can even use it for free, up to 1.000 documents.

Listo integrates with many major software packages including QuickBooks, Sage, NetSuite, Oracle, Intactt and more.

You can request a demo for Listo here.


Klippa offers AP automation, as well as document management and expense management. This makes Klippa interesting software for companies that want more than AP automation software. Klippa is based in the Netherlands and serves a wide range of verticals, including software companies, banks and financial service providers, transport and logistics and the public sector.

Klippa offers various integrations and you can request a 30-minute demo. The pricing is not public.


Say goodbye to complicated solutions, paper processes, and slow approval. Say hello to proactive spend management. Procurify offers purchase order approval workflows & processes and the platform integrates with most popular bookkeeping platforms. How they like to put it: Procurify will help manage your company’s spending, giving you the control, and purchasing insights you need.

Procurify does not have prices on the website, you can request a quote.


Bill is built for smarter business payments. While many AP automation companies do not charge license fees for accountants bill.com does and some accountants do not appreciate this. Bill.com has introduced a feature to be able to recognize bills and convert them to data but so far they do not appear to support line item recognition which can be tedious with longer bills.

Bill has 4 pricing plans, starting at $ 39 monthly. Bill doesn’t offer a free trial or free version.


Mineraltree focuses on healthcare, Non-Profits, Food & Beverage and Education. At it’s core, Mineraltree is AP automation software with built-in approval flows. Mineraltree claims to integrate with 100s (!) different ERP and accounting systems but a listing of which ones is not provided.

You can request a demo. Pricing is not public.


Medius is AP automation software, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sweden. With several locations in Europe (Sweden, Poland, The Netherlands and more), their main focus is in Europe. In addition to AP automation, they also offer solutions for expense management, contract management and supplier management.

You can request a demo. Pricing is not public.


Beanworks is a fairly modern browser based solution. Four plans are offered on their website but no price is specified. No trial version is offered either. Beanworks offers an integration payment solution which means you can make payments from the same application. This can be very useful however no details are offered on what the cost of this service is. Beanworks only offers accounting integration through an export function, this is an older style of integration that lacks real time connectivity.

Beanworks was recently acquired by Quadient.


Basware is a total AP automation solution, founded in 1985 in Finland. Since then, Basware has made several acquisitions and offices in Europe: Basware operates from France, Germany, Italy and Spain, among others. Basware calls itself a procure-to-pay automation solution. You can book a demo on the website. Basware’s prices are not public.


Conexiom is a Canadian software company with more than just AP automation. Conexiom also offers solutions for sales order automation, quote automation and more. This makes Conexiom seem like a good solution if you want to automate more than just your invoice flow. They don’t have a focus on a specific market segment.

Conexiom has integrations with the well-known accounting and ERP systems, such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Sage and Oracle. Prices are not listed on the website, you can request a demo.


Tipalti claims they have strong support for multiple tax systems so this can be a benefit if you are an international company or purchasing across boundaries. Tipalti lists API level integration with popular accounting packages which is a benefit over exports of batches as it is real time and less error prone. Tipalti offers a free demo but no trial or pricing on their website.


Stampli has an AP automation solution that integrates with a few popular ERP and financial applications. There is no trial or pricing listed on their website and contacting their sales department is suggested as a next step. Stampli offers a directpay option to pay for bills as well, as with their AP automation product pricing is not disclosed for this service either. Stampli receives high ratings on the review website G2 for the product and customer satisfaction.


Avidxchange offers several solutions for AP automation. In the construction industry they recently acquired the older Timberscan solution that is often used in combination with Sage 300. There is no pricing information on their website other than a suggestion to talk to sales. For the construction industry it is not clear if Timberscan will continue to be supported or replaced by other offerings of the company. Many integrations are offered out of the box with ERP and financial applications as well as an integration with their payment platform to make payments easier.


Haslle is a finance automation solution, headquartered in Lithuania, Europe. Haslle offers a wide variety of financial solutions with AP automation, subscriptions, invoicing, etc. If you are looking for one solution to manage all your financial processes, Haslle might be an option for you. The pricing starts at $ 150 per month and you can start a free trial.


Hypatos is a German company, with solutions for document processing. Their mission: We are a reliable and trustworthy partner supporting companies to realize the potential of artificial intelligence to automate their backoffice processes.

Hypatos comes with 3 pricing plans: community (free) and Subscription (starts with $ 500,- per month) and Enterprise (request a quote). You can request a demo to try Hypatos.

Emburse Certify

Emurse Certify is a fully-featured spend management software solution. Certify is part of Emurse, a larger technology company that provides automation solutions, such as expense management, travel booking solutions and accounts payable automation. Certify offers training and onboarding guidance in addition to the software. Want to get started yourself, try Certify Now (up to 25 employees).


Precoro is a procurement software solution with features such as purchase requests, budget management, inventory and supplier management. With a 4,9 out of 5 review rate, Precoro is very popular amongst their customers in different industries (such as Biotech, Technology and Manufactoring. You can try Precoro with a 14-day free trial and you can request a free personalized demo with a sales representative.


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