Listo Partner Program

Partner with us

You’ve come to the right place, is actively looking for partners to work with. We would love to work with you and use your network and expertise while making sure you get paid for it.

Within our partner programs we ensure to keep you and your staff trained and informed about our current and future products. You will have free access to our current and beta versions of our software to stay up to date.

listo partnership

Listo offers three partnership programs tailored for different companies.



You have an existing software solution and have a need for your clients.



You advise, train and implement AP Automation solutions. 



You are interested in reselling our software solution


Extend your software with Listo

Are you interested in using our technology to extend your software product? So are we!

We would love to partner with your organization and discuss mutual opportunities to work together. Expanding your software solution beyond what it does today can be a powerful way to increase customer retention, your revenue and your bottomline.

In an exploratory call we can discuss how that would look like, whether you want to white label our solution, sell it under your own brand or whether you want to just integrate with it.

We have experience both with integrating newer technology and existing software. If your software package is older integration is most likely still easy to achieve with the integration technology that we have built into our product.

Let’s talk!


Help your customers with AP automation

Do you advise or train other companies to use AP Automation solutions? gives you the opportunity to sell a great service to your clients and provide your clients with the training and support they need. If you would like to try our product out before contact us feel free to do so here. Let us know what you think and how we can improve!


Sell Listo, generate more revenue

Do you work for a company that resells various technologies to clients? Listo may have the right reseller program for you with different levels of margin depending on the effort you will and can put into it, whether it’s just a referral or you do the full sales & implementation aspect we have the program for you. Let’s schedule a call and discuss.

“Whoa I did authorize to pay for that!”

Could’ve been you?