Why Listo?

Reduce cost to pay for a bill by 80%.

We are here to solve a big problem in the world of construction companies: getting in control of AP and AR. Our mission is to get anyone on a construction project paid in 30 days or less.  


Why do construction companies trust Listo?

Listo breaths construction

Lien waivers, vendor compliance, remote access; Listo is built with construction companies in mind. As a construction company, Listo provides you with everything you need to take full control of your AR and AP. 

Be in control

Listo helps you to get in control of your incoming bills. Not only by scanning them for you but also by adding workflow and authorizations. You decide what gets paid and when and get direct and realtime insight in what happens in your back office, even if you are not in the office.

Cost reduction

On average companies reduce the amount of time they spent to process and pay for bills with 80% by using Listo. Why don’t you try it for yourself? 

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Let’s work together.

Would you like to collaborate with Listo? We are always open to collaborations to provide our customers with even more services. Contact our team to discuss the possibilities.

“Whoa I did authorize to pay for that!”

Could’ve been you?