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Audit & Report is secure by default. Trust but verify. The audit trail enables you to track what has happened to an invoice. Who authorized it? Who looked at it? A full audit trail is stored automatically so if you ever need to verify what happened you can quickly access it. 

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How does this

User audit trail

Users authenticate through a secure login and with a complex password making it harder to guess passwords. tracks when users are login in to the system and stores this for you. You never have to look at this data, until you need it.

invoice processing

Invoice audit trail

For every step in the invoice process, from edits to authorization the system tracks who is doing what. Did a user modify amounts on an invoice? Stored in the system. Did a user authorize an invoice to be paid? Stored in the system. All data you never hope you need, but one day you may.



Listo’s reporting allows you to quickly run reports without having to go over to your accountant. You can easily see which invoices are still open and run easy to use aging reports. A comprehensive dashboard is your first screen when you login giving you a great overview of what you can do.

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