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Incoming invoices are never fun. Not only do they have to be paid but processing them is also painful. makes this really straightforward and reduces the workload of incoming invoices by up to 90%. Imagine spending 10 seconds to process an incoming invoice instead of 10 minutes. We’re happy to show you how!

Capture and code

How does this

Automated invoice recognition

Whether your invoices come in by email, electronically or by paper captures them automatically for you. Connect your scanner directly to and every invoice you scan will get processed instantly by

invoice processing

Full email integration

If invoices come in by email simply forward them or setup a dedicated email account and will automatically process all invoices that are coming in. No touching required.


Advanced Invoice Recognition

The techies call this OCR but what it means is that we recognize what is on the incoming invoices and convert it to plain text. Not only that but we also put the data in the right places for you. Taxes where they belong and totals where they should be.

quickbooks logo integration

Integrate with your accounting system

Once the invoice has come in and you are ready to authorize it we will send all the data over to your accounting system, automatically. You won’t believe how easy it is until we show it to you, live.

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