Paying bills made a lot easier. 

Getting bills and paying them is never the most fun moment of running a business. Not only is it not a pleasure to say goodby to your hard earned money but it’s also often a painful process to get a bill paid.


Our story

I started my first software company when I was 13 years old and wanted to make some cash. My neighbor, a loud construction guy who’d always yell at me how are you doing when he saw me, offered me to work for him in the weekends and vacations. I ran errands, cleaned up building sites and even mixed concrete to pour a swimming pool (that’s how he called it). In doing so I noticed at some point he had financial issues and I started investigating why. It turned out that he a hard time in getting paid and paying his vendors in time. He had no systems in place to do this other than his head, the mailbox and a few scribbled down notes here and there. I offered him to write software to help address these issues and my first software product was born, an invoice management solution for construction companies.

After my first software adventure I co-founded 3 more software companies, from custom ERP to development tools but I kept thinking of my first project. In 2020 when I was ready for something new I decided to start a new software company dedicated to fixing the invoice problem. With processing and paying invoices has been made as painless as possible.Yeah the part where you part from your money will never be fun, but all the major pain in getting it paid we will take away. 

I invite you to try it for yourself!


Jan Aleman, founder


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