Invoice Scanning Software to automate accounts payable in QuickBooks

Invoice scanning software to automate your accounts payable can save you a lot of time and avoid costly errors. But how about invoice scanning software that integrates with QuickBooks? If you are working with QuickBooks and you are looking for a solution that automates your accounts payable, you are in the right place. offers three different ways to make it really easy to get invoices and bills into QuickBooks.

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How to scan invoices into QuickBooks?

Do you have a scanner to scan your invoices? Great!

Simply scan the invoice, then, as a second step you can either email it to your dedicated Listo email address which you can find in your settings or drop the PDF document directly into Listo. If you don’t have an (invoice) scanner simply snap a picture of the bill with your phone and then email it to the Listo email address.

Once you have done this, Listo will immediately start processing your invoice by analyzing its contents. This typically takes less than a minute, but if it is very busy it could take slightly longer. But don’t worry; while it’s working you can continue doing anything else in our invoice scanning software, there’s no need to wait! Once the invoice is recognized it will show all its line items and is ready to be checked. It will automatically recognize totals, vendors and much more for you. We currently have an accuracy of 90% and the system learns based on corrections that you make to bills. You easily assign line items to projects to make job costing a lot easier.

When this is ready the authorization workflow will kick off. It will send a notification to whoever the people in your organization are that need to ‘OK’ that bill before it can be paid. The authorizers can also reject a bill or request additional documentation. That supporting documentation can even be stored right there with the invoice.

Benefits of invoice scanning software

Invoice scanning software can take a lot off your plate. Let’s dive into the benefits of this kind of software and see for yourself how scanning your invoices can benefit your business.

Invoice scanning software saves time

First it saves you a lot of time, typing in invoices line by line in QuickBooks does not only take a lot of time, it is also very boring. With less than a few minutes of effort hundreds of invoices can be processed by the system. Once an invoice is scanned you can recycle it or archive it and you will never have to look at it again on paper.

Invoice scanning software reduces human error

Haven’t we all made the mistake of using a decimal separator when we meant using a thousand separator? Or mis a line item while entering into accounting? With listo these type of errors do not happen because the computer does the text recognition for you and all you have to do it check it. A convenient screen shows the line items side to side with the original image of the invoice.

Invoice scanning software provides better insights

Third, it allows you to have better insight into what is being spent. Because listo has sophisticated dashboards built right in you can instantly see what is being spent. Dashboards are configurable and offer drill down and click through capabilities.

Invoice scanning software adds authorization workflows

Fourth, it makes it really simple to add authorization workflow to bills. Let’s say that you need multiple people to authorize invoices above $ 1.000, you can simply set that up in Listo. enables you to view your invoices from anywhere

Whether you are working from home, on the road, visiting a vendor or in the office: everybody is looking at the same data. If you quickly want to see if a vendor was paid in time you don’t have to go into QuickBooks but you can see it directly in Listo

Invoice scanning software reduces fraud

Listo tracks automatically for you who has entered an invoice, who has emailed an invoice, who has authorized an invoice and when it was paid. This complete and comprehensive audit-trail helps to reduce fraud within organizations where  sometimes invoices are paid that were never authorized (or not by the right people) to be paid.

Invoice scanning software increases redundancy

If you store your paper invoices in binders and God forbid your office burns down all is lost. Imagine the amount of work it would cost to try to reconstruct that. With your software is stored redundantly and encrypted in multiple datacenters with high levels of security.

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